Killing The Golden Goose

My opinion on how much harm the GOP tax bill will do to our universities.


Hungary’s Xenophobic Attack on Academic Freedom

On April 4, 2017, the Hungarian government pushed through a bill that could eliminate academic freedom and free inquiry at the Central European University – and would, in a highly discriminatory way, make it virtually impossible for the University to continue operating in Budapest. We urged the public to respond in our op-ed in The Washington Post.

Why Sports and Elite Academics Do Not Mix

My new piece on the athletic programs at highly selective institutions and why they do not mix with the larger college goals.

Read it in The Atlantic.

Why American Universities Need Immigrants

In my new opinion piece for The Atlantic I argue that President Trump’s travel ban puts American University legacy at risk.

The Chilling Effects of Fear published in The Atlantic

I’ve just had an article published in The Atlantic on free speech under attack at universities, not by outside forces, but by their own student body. The coddling of students’ minds has resulted in grave restrictions of free speech on campus—but academic leaders are also to blame.

Please read the full article here, at The Atlantic.

Article from The Atlantic – The Pillaging of America’s State Universities

I’ve just had an article published in The Atlantic on America’s research universities under siege. The financial struggle of public research institutions may be a matter of choice—not necessity, as public leaders say. A type of delusional thinking seems to convince American policymakers that excellent public colleges and universities can continue to be great without serious investment.

Please read the full article here, at The Atlantic.

“A Theory of Limited Differences: Explaining the Productivity Puzzle in Science” Now Available For Online Viewing

Originally published in The Outer Circle: Women In The Scientific Community, this paper is now available for online viewing. Please click on the link below to read the full text.

1991: “A Theory of Limited Differences: Explaining the Productivity Puzzle in Science.” (Jonathan R. Cole and Burton Singer) Chapter 13, pp. 277-310, in The Outer Circle Women in the Scientific Community (Harriet Zuckerman, Jonathan R. Cole and John T. Bruer, editors). New York: W. W. Norton & Company

ASU setting path ‘Toward a More Perfect University’

From an article on ASU Now:

Ivy League author praises innovations launched by ASU President Crow

An Ivy League academic made a startling prediction at a talk at Arizona State University on Friday: Knowledge is progressing so quickly that the concept of a standalone university could soon be obsolete.

Read the article in full here.

New Article in The Chronicle of Higher Education

I’ve recently written a new article for The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled Building a New Research-University System. Read it in full on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website by clicking this link.

Why Elite College Admissions Need An Overhaul

From The Atlantic – The current system for gaining entry to elite colleges discourages unique passions and deems many talented students ineligible. Read the full article at The Atlantic’s page.

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