Appearance on PBS’s Arizona Horizon

Host Ted Simons interviews Jonathan Cole regarding how great American universities have transformed the Nation, why they’re under attack and what must be done to protect them.

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Big Beacon Radio Interview – Toward A More Perfect University

The United States enjoys a higher education system that is the envy of the world, and at the same time that higher education system is facing scrutiny and pointed criticism in ever increasing and strident ways. In this episode, host Dave Goldberg interviews Jonathan R. Cole, author of the new book, “Toward a More Perfect University” to better understand the flow of history and societal forces that have led to the current predicament. Professor Cole is a faculty member at Columbia University where he served as both Vice President of Arts and Sciences and Provost. Author of an earlier book, “The Great American University,” and co-editor of “Who’s Afraid of Academic Freedom,” Professor Cole lectures throughout the world on topics related to higher education. Join host Dave Goldberg and Jonathan for what promises to be a stimulating and wide-ranging conversation on the state of higher education and its future prospects.

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“A Theory of Limited Differences: Explaining the Productivity Puzzle in Science” Now Available For Online Viewing

Originally published in The Outer Circle: Women In The Scientific Community, this paper is now available for online viewing. Please click on the link below to read the full text.

1991: “A Theory of Limited Differences: Explaining the Productivity Puzzle in Science.” (Jonathan R. Cole and Burton Singer) Chapter 13, pp. 277-310, in The Outer Circle Women in the Scientific Community (Harriet Zuckerman, Jonathan R. Cole and John T. Bruer, editors). New York: W. W. Norton & Company

On Point with Tom Ashbrook Interview – Fixing America’s Universities

Rising costs. Unfair admissions. Threats to academic freedom. The future of the American university.
In this March 8, 2015 file photo, the campus of Michigan State University awakens to a spring floral blossom. MSU is listed one of the nation’s top research universities.

Who’s happy with America’s colleges and universities? Between the byzantine admissions process — the jaw-dropping prices for tuition and room and board — the creation of a cossetted class of tenured teachers and a sea of struggling adjuncts, you’ll hear plenty of complaints. At the same time most of the world’s top-rated schools are in the United States. One veteran professor has a prescription. This hour On Point, toward a more perfect university. Listen to the entire episode here.

ASU setting path ‘Toward a More Perfect University’

From an article on ASU Now:

Ivy League author praises innovations launched by ASU President Crow

An Ivy League academic made a startling prediction at a talk at Arizona State University on Friday: Knowledge is progressing so quickly that the concept of a standalone university could soon be obsolete.

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