Why Sports and Elite Academics Do Not Mix

My new piece on the athletic programs at highly selective institutions and why they do not mix with the larger college goals.

Read it in The Atlantic.

Trying to Save an Important Part of Lincoln’s Legacy

Interview with Rich Barlow for BU Today. How to rescue public universities from the budget axe.

Why American Universities Need Immigrants

In my new opinion piece for The Atlantic I argue that President Trump’s travel ban puts American University legacy at risk.

Universities as Unsettling Institutions

If a university’s fundamental mission is to create and disseminate knowledge, how is it to foster those ambitions while preventing the natural tendency to suppress ideas that question existing knowledge and power relationships in the society?

My 2010 post in HigherEdJobs.com is still relevant, almost 7 years later.

Ignorance Does Not Lead to Election Bliss

On the election day The Atlantic published my article Ignorance Does Not Lead to Election Bliss. I suggest that among other factors current political state owes itself to the failures of American education system.

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